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Easiest way to sell your artworks


  • Free platform to display your artworks

  • Social media promotion and newsletter features

  • 35% commission on the final sale price will be charged

  • You pay for packaging while we handle shipping fee


When you’ve made a SALE…


  • You will receive an email or a phone call to inform you of the sale from our Artist Support Team

  • Schedule a date and time for our courier to pick up your sold artwork

  • All artworks are shipped directly from the artist’s location to the collector

  • It is important to correctly package your artworks for shipment to the collector. Please follow the Artwork Packaging Guidelines

  • You must send us photographs of the packed artwork before shipping the artwork out. It helps us to determine whether the packaging is followed our Packaging Guidelines

  • Bosco Hong insures all shipments for the amount of the artists’ commission for the sold work

    • For example, if a work is sold for HK$10,000, the artist is entitled to HK$6,500 of that sale (i.e. a 65% commission). If the artwork is damaged during shipping even though the artist properly packaged the work according to our guidelines, Bosco Hong will still pay the HK$6,500 owed to that artist

  • Should an artwork arrive damaged due to poor packaging procedures, we will deem the shipment non-insurable and Bosco Hong will hold the artist responsible for the damages. We will work with the collector to have the artwork shipped back for a full refund

  • Please include Certificate of Authenticity inside the package. Template will be attached via email

  • Shipping document/ label will be sent for you to print out via email


When will I be paid?


  • You will be able to request your payout 7 days after your artwork has been safely delivered and accepted by the collector.

  • Our Customer Support Team will monitor the delivery progress of your artwork and will email to inform you once it is successfully delivered to the collector. (Please note transit time can vary depending on the shipping location.)

  • Payment requisition form will be sent to you via email. Please note that payouts are typically fulfilled 14 calendar days from the date of your request and you can be paid by the following methods:

    • By check, it might take longer time to arrive as delivery time will vary according to destination

    • Wire Transfer, please note there is always a bank fee deducted which is taken by the bank from both parties.

    • PayPal


Ensure positive customer experience


  • We offer 14-day returns period at zero cost to the collector

  • All artworks returned by collectors to be prepared in their original packaging for the return journey

  • We will arrange courier to pick up the artwork and deliver back (regardless of the customer's reason for return) at no cost to you.

  • Cancellation order/ request will also be accepted, where we will contact you ASAP not to pack/ ship the artworks out. If you have already shipped the artwork, we will notify the customer on this and arrange courier to return this to you



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