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Randall Jason Irvin

 United States

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About Randall Jason Irvin


Randall Jason Irvin is an artist who paints and creates abstract art. He lives and makes art in Belfast Maine. Originally Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia.


He started his art education at Atlanta College of Art. He left his sophomore year for Athens, Georgia to form Vibeulator, a musical venture that led to writing, collaborating, and performing in the vibrant Athens music scene for several years, while also, crafting Original vegetarian food for the well-known restaurant The Grit. Jason then redirected his creative energy back into painting, exploring and discovering his medium and style. It was at this time when he changed occupations to become a licensed plumber.


Jason developed a ridged endurance and a keen eye for detail while working as a skilled craftsman which he would then apply to his art work. As he is an artist and a skilled craftsman you can see a construction like quality in his work. 

"I take a problem solving approach to creating. I approach my work as if I were a scientist attempting to prove a hypothesis. Experimenting with shapes, I form geometrical configurations that are skillfully arranged in positions. I find these arrangements by layering shapes and pulling away parts to find the tension and balance in the positive and negative spaces. I use a variety of surfaces to paint on which includes wood, canvas, found objects and three dimensional surfaces."

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