Nina Pryde

Nina entered the arts field in late 1970’s when she took up pottery but problems with her hands forced her to give this up and she started to paint. 


Pryde has such natural motifs as mountains, rivers, trees, rocks, hazy clouds and mist arranged in a multi-layered composition, leading them to be seen as if from a level, a higher or a deeper distance (which are the three traditional ways of representing space in Chinese landscape painting) at the same time. Through a blend of thick, pale, dry and wet ink with ‘the five colours of black’ (meaning the use of the varying shades of pure blacks and whites), Pryde conveys her feelings about the expansiveness and magnificence of nature.


In addition, she has meticulously pasted some photographic images of huts, terraced fields, buildings, footpaths, boats and monks – all in a harmonious scale with other motifs - onto her painting, adding to it a further appeal pertaining to life and the natural world. 


A review of Nina Pryde’s artistic endeavours over the last decade tells that she has attempted various ways to establish her personal artistic bearing and style. Having an open mind and innovative spirit, she is willing to experiment with different techniques, visual elements and effects to create ink works for all times. 


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