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Mary Cinque

     United Kingdom

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About Mary Cinque


I use to draw since I was a little child, I can’t imagine staying for a long time without drawing and it gets me sick when I’m forced to stay for a while without a pencil or a pen or a marker in my hand. Maybe it is a way to try to understand the world, to capture what I see and what I’m not able to realize. Not yet, at least.

I believe in the power of the people to change the world and my aim is to do an art that reinforces in people the confidence that our actions can make a difference. The voyages influence my work and my conception of inhabitants of the world. I believe in people and in their need to connect each other, through nets. The city is my favourite net.

Some people say once you have been in Africa you will always miss Africa and wish to return there. This sickness has even a name: Mal d'Afrique. I believe I have a slightly different kind of Mal d'Afrique: mine is not the mere nostalgia of the astonishing contexts in which I spent part of my childhood, mine is the need to travel, breathe a foreign air, feeling lost for a while and then becoming close to new people, exchanging views with them and learning from them. Communication is not “Either you understand my art or you don’t”, communication is correspondence, empathy, stimulus, things that make the world go round.

I think people need Art, they need to do art and to see works of art. We are living in a world obsessed by money and speed and we forgot what we really need to feel better. In my opinion we need simple things.


I inquire into the city because I believe it represents the will of human being, his way of thinking about himself and show himself to the others, it also represents the relations between people and things and relationships. Through my works I'd like to invite who look at them to complete the works by himself, with his/her intuition, his/her feelings about them.

The Gallery For Quality Art

A:  Rm 2003, Keen Hung Commercial Bldg 

     80 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai,

     Hong Kong  (By Appointment Only)                     

T:   +852 2561 5342


Monday - Friday:   10:00 - 17:00

Closed on Weekend and Public Holidays

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