Lee Chi Ching

Born in 1963, Lee Chi Ching tells stories in simple strokes, and his artworks are liked by the famous Chinese novelist – Louis Cha Leung-yung (known as Jin Yong), as well as Japanese publishers. During most of his career, he has contributed in three comics as follows: Chinese ancient novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms; Chinese classics, The Art of War by Sun Tzu; and Cha’s wuxia fictional works.


The novels denote the wuxia spirit, embracing the value of faith, loyalty, duty and righteousness. Echo of the Mountain depicts scenery of mountainscape, embedded with the classic wuxia essence – justice is fearless, one is then honest in his words and faithful for the future.

Dedicated to literati painting, Lee blends the concept of Chinese classics into his unique style of ink wash. Over the years, his works advocate the aesthetic of less is more – any complex composition of the story can be expressed through his minimal lines and tones, while retaining the impact of the magnificent landscape. This is how Echo of the Mountain, in a space of less than six feet wide, is painted out to compose a masterpiece of symphony




In contrast with his previous artworks of portraits and landscapes, Echo of the Mountain is a breakthrough of Lee’s work with abstract impressionist features. The form of mountains is de ned clearly, but the heart is to feel the tone and tempo delivered through the high and low, highlights and shadows of the mountain range. Wind howls from miles away, clear notes y from the zither across the distant mountains. Dense drum rhythms and clear sharp fife sound transcend the space to our ears. 



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