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Sabina Šinko


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About Sabina Šinko


I was born in Maribor and live in Lendava, Slovenia. After studying art and art education, I work artistically as a painter and costume, set and puppet designer.


I exhibited and created visually many theater performances, especially for Puppet Theaters in Slovenia and abroad.


In Lendava I set up the Pupilla Puppet Theater, which is creating performaces successfully for more than 20 years In addition to my artistic creation, I am  Associate Professor for Visual Art, Set and Puppet Design at University of Maribor. In 2010, I received the University of Ljubljana Award for important artistic works.

My artistic work as a painter is focused mainly on painting watercolor, ink and acrylic techniques on canvas, paper and silk. I use traditional Chinese ink and watercolor overlays several times, while maintaining each coat to achieve airness and freshness. I like to work in uncontrolled, free-flowing way. Creativity is for me a play between control and freedom where subjects display their feelings, moods and emotions.


My research topics are relationships between reality and fantasy, mass, popular culture and intimacy. In the last period the world phenomena such as migration of humans and animals, ecological disasters, pollution, the human ignorance touches me very much. In connection with this I find myself in Surrealism, and figurative art with abstract effects. I like to combine elements from different sources within a single painting, influenced by my observations of peoples daily interactions with nature. 

Solo Exhibitions


2016     Bežigrajska Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016     Forrás Gallery Budapest, Hungary
2015     Gallery – Museum Lendava, Slovenia

2013     Lenart Galery, Slovenia

2012     Csak képek, MMIK Szombathely, Hungary

2011     Celldömölk, Hungary

2011     ZKPL Lendava, Slovenia

2010     UKM Maribor, Slovenia

2006     Orczy galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2005     Banffy center, Lendava, Slovenia

2003     Art Caffe, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

2002     Synagogue  Lendava, Slovenia

2001     Gallery in Castle Murska Sobota, Slovenia

2001     Tulpikahram Lendava, Slovenia

2001     Embassy of the Republic of Hungary, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Group Exhibitions


2017     International Ex Tempore, Grožnjan, Croatia

2016     International Ex Tempore, Mestna galerija Piran, Slovenia 

2016     International painting Ex tempore Ptuj, Slovenia

2016     The Mirror of the Soul Ogledalo duše: Lendava’s Fine Artists in Várnegyed Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2016     Pillérek : Exhibition in Képtár Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary 

2015     International Ex Tempore, Grožnjan, Croatia

2015     International Ex Tempore, Mestna galerija Piran, Slovenia

2014     International Ex Tempore, Mestna galerija Piran 2014 – Internattional Ex Tempore, Grožnjan, Istria

2014     Touring exhibition of Lendava’s Fine Artists in Italy (Location: Palazzo Cecchini, Piazza Cecchini 27, 33075 Cordovado, Italy

2014     Kunstmese Berlin, Bagl Art Affair, Germany

2013     Ex Tempore, Mestna galerija Piran

2013     Exhibition of Lendava’s Fine Artists, Magyar ház, Buapest, Hunmgary

2013     Dall'acqua nasce l'anima : mostra internazionale d'arte contemporanea, Palazzo Gallio, Gravedona

2013     quadriART, Eagl Gallery Berlin, Germany

2013     International painting Ex tempore Ptuj, Slovenia

2012     Exhibition of art works by artist from Lendava, Magyar ház, Pecs, Hungary

2012     Exhibition of art works by artist from Lendava, Keszthely, Hungary

2012     International painting Ex tempore Ptuj, Slovenia

2011     XLVI. International  painting Ex tempore Piran, Slovenia

2011     International painting Ex tempore Ptuj, Slovenia

2010     Bačka Topola, Serbia

2010     Mura Region Hungarian contemporary art, Dobó Tihamér Képtár, Magyarkanizsa, Serbia

2004     Slovenia - our neighbors! Art and economy in the new EU countries: Paintings and Sculptures, St. Florian, Schlosstaverne Rohrbach, Weistrach, Austria

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