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Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen


About Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen is an independent contemporary artist, born 1944 in Baarland, the Netherlands. Landscapes are her main subjects. She is known for her Zeelandic landscapes with a low horizon line and impressive sky. Nelly started her professional artist-career in 1975.


The inspiration comes from her surroundings: the skies, the skylines, the dikes and the sea. Zeeland is renowned for its special, beautiful light: it is refracting in the water around the isles and the polders. Her landscapes are representing a special place in the long tradition of Dutch landscape-artists.

'My landscapes are me... I could always paint them.. When I look outside I see them And when I look inside I see them.' Her skyline landscapes: "The landscapes of Van Nieuwenhuijzen are extensive, born from an intense experience of the openness of the Zeeland area. An undertone of mysticism is unmistakable. As if caught in line and colour movement continues in the invisible behind the horizon. The accentuated line is both the boundary and the window. The subtle differences in rhythm and nuances reflect a range of emotions." (C. Bos)



2017          Zeelandic Landscapes                   

2012          Kleintje Kunst+ 2012                   

2012          Galerie T-ROOS                                       

2012          Zeelandic theme weeks                                  

2011          Exhibition Kunstuus                                    

2011          Exhibition recent works                               

2011          Portraits                                                          

2010          Dutch Landscapes                                        

2010          Easter-exhibition 2010                                 

2009          Exhibition 10 years KUNSTUUS                   

2009          Open Gallery Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen    

2009          Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen         

2009          Museum De Glazenkast                 

2009          Eastern 2009                          

2009          Exhibition Kunstuus                    

2009          Winterexhibition of Professional Artists        

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Terneuzen, Netherlands

Middelburg, Netherlands

Goes, Netherlands

Heinkenszand, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Kortgene, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Heinkenszand, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Middelburg, Netherlands

Lewedorp, Netherlands

Heinkenszand, Netherlands

Veere, Netherlands

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