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Mara Ruehl


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About Mara Ruehl


The basic theme in my work is colour and surface, as well as light and form. It is about the exploration of image surfaces and the questioning of the illusion of change, generated by colour and shape. 


Change is part of our entire human existence. It takes place always and everywhere. We can both watch it passively and let it happen, or we actively influence it in order to steer it in a certain direction. 


In my colour field artworks, change takes place by the interaction of colours and surfaces, which seemingly dissolve diffuse and begin to waft, pulsate and vibrate. They seem to develop a life of their own and take the viewer even in itself. 

In my reliefs the change appears by the interaction of the viewer. If he changes his point of view, the visual impression of the work also completely changes. 


I have developed a special technique of paint application and removal for my artworks, so that the canvas ultimately becomes a glass-glazed surface. With this technique I apply approximately 80-120 colour layers. So I reach this special diffuse effect and the high luminous colours. 



2017        Group        Participation "Evas Töchter“, Museum Schwabach 

2017        Group        Participation 11th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“

2017        Solo           Participation in " Stadt(ver)führungen ", Nürnberg

2017        Group        Participation in "Form Art" exhibition, Karlsruhe

2017        Group        Nominated for Art Prize "Form Art Klaus- Oschmann-Preis", Karlsruhe 

2017        Group        Participation in "Art Olympia International art exhibition", Toshima Ward Office Building, Tokyo 

2017                          Nominated for "Art Olympia International art award 2017", Tokyo 

2017        Group        Participation "tatortatelier:17", Offene Ateliertage des BBK, BBK-Gallery Nuremberg

2016        Group        Exhibition Kunstverein Coburg

2016        Group        ConsumART, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg 

2016        Solo            "Power of colours", MR Gallery Nuremberg  

2016        Group        Nominated for NN Art Prize, Exhibition Art Center Nuremberg 

2016        Group        Defet gallery house, Nuremberg 

2015        Group        "Winter Salon " KVE , Kunstpalais Erlangen 

2015        Group        ConsumART, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg 

2015        Group        10th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“ 

2015        Solo           "Kein Hirsch in Sicht", MR Gallery Nürnberg

2015        Group        "Bayreuther Art exhibition"

2015        Group        Nominated for the art prize of Weilburg an der Lahn, Museum of Weilburg

2015        Group        "tatortatelier:15", Offene Ateliertage des BBK, BBK-Gallery Nuremberg

2015        Group        "1.Große Erlanger Kunstausstellung", Erlangen 

2015        Group        "Truderinger Kunsttage", Munich 

2015        Solo           "Time Out", Galerie Paul, Nuremberg

2015        Group        „Art Exhibition des Bundes Fränkischer Künstler“, Kulmbach 

2015                          Nominated for the 3rd art prize of Bund Fränkischer Künstler  

2015        Group        "Welcome II", Gedok Franken

2014        Group        "tatortatelier:14", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg 

2014        Group        "Warm & Kalt", MR Gallery Nuremberg 

2013        Group        "Farbe & Form", Gallery Kannegiesser, Fürth 

2013        Group        9th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“ 

2013        Group        "tatortatelier:13", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg 

2013        Group        Nominated for „Heise Art Prize“ in Dessau, Gallery "Alte Feuerwache", Dessau

2013        Group        "Wesensformen", MR Gallery, Nürnberg

2012        Group        "tatortatelier:12", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg 

2012                          Nominated for „Heise Art Prize“ in Dessau, Gallery "Alte Feuerwache", Dessau 

2012                          Series "Chroma", Werk I, Publication in Heise- Art Prize calendar 2013 

2012        Solo           "Colour of Silence", MR Gallery, Nürnberg 

2011        Solo           "Retrospektive einer Dekade" 

2010        Solo           "Universus", Erlangen/Herzogenaurach 


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