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Chelsea Davine

United Kingdom

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About Chelsea Davine


I am an artist who moves between disciplines, I take photographs which inform my paintings, I pick up materials on my travels which inspire my sculpture. I usually paint on steel or canvas using sea water, gold/silver/copper leaf, studying in Valencia University. oil and acrylic. I studied at Chelsea art College and then completed my studies at Middlesex University with time


I exhibit widely between London and New York to Jakarta in International art fairs. I am represented by various galleries from Madrid, London, Amsterdam and have an Agent in Scandinavia. 


I enjoy showing my work in solo shows in the city and also next to the sea where you can see the lines and threads running through the work which connects it back to the places that inspired the work. 


Tasneem Salam believes that it is precisely her ability to celebrate the mundane along with the vibrancy of Chelsea's palette and the richness of her texturing that underpins the unique allure of her work. She explains: 


"Chelsea's work, with its wonderful juxtaposition of texture and colour, is an affirmation of the beauty of life, if we know how to look for it."

Since moving to Barcelona with her family in 1998, Chelsea's work has also been deeply influenced by the light and colour of Spain. 

"In London, I used concrete and grey; in Barcelona I use steel, red and gold", she says.


With her roots in sculpture and her fascination with the passage of time and the relationship between objects and their environment, Chelsea's work fits into the tradition Eduardo Chillida and Andy Goldsworthy, whose work plays on the temporality of nature with the large abstract expressionism of Rothko and his colour fields.


Sarah Russell-Walling, owner of the Russell Gallery, which represents Chelsea in London says: 


"Chelsea's work has an immediate appeal and a very direct visual impact coupled with an international flavour."

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